Cumberland Private Conservator LLC

Tennessee_Water_StreamHow the System Gets Started

Because a conservatorship is a legal agreement through the courts, a Probate Court Judge would first need to make the decision whether a conservator is needed for an individual. Once this is established, the patient or family would personally contact the conservator for assistance. Then, based on the family or individual’s choice of provider, the judge would appoint the Office of Guardian ad Litem that provides attorneys to represent the best interests of the patient.

Cumberland Conservators is able to protect and provide continuing care for individuals who are unable to make or communicate responsible decisions for themselves. We can pay your bills, manage your assets and even liquidate property, if necessary. We can also arrange for home health care services, hire caregivers, apply for government services, provide transportation, and shop for groceries and other personal needs.

Elderly_Man_with_Grand_kid30 years experience in the medical field, including:

Consultant  Advisor  for:

  • Medicare, Medicaid Assistance
  • Financial Planning and Management

Overall Management of Health Care Needs:

  • Healthcare
  • Personal Care
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Shelter
  • Recreation and Well Being
  • Pay Bills
  • Asset Management
  • Assist with Power of Attorney and All Legal Documents
  • Bonded and Insured

Cumberland Private Conservators
Understands the Needs of the Elderly.

Cumberland Private Conservators Assures All Your
Needs Will Be Met  In Compliance With The Courts !

Our Company has a wide-range of experience including staff with 28 years in law enforcement and 30 years in social work and long term care.