About Us

Many families have individuals who have mental or physical limitations that can affect their ability to make sound decisions about their finances, their health care, and even their living arrangements.  What happens to these family members when they reach adulthood or if their immediate family, whether because of death or capability, is no longer able to help them make those life decisions?  Whether this person is developmentally disabled, constrained by Alzheimer’s disease, or a host of other life-challenges, a conservator could be the long-term answer you are looking for to ensure your loved one is cared for.

What is a Conservator?

A conservator is basically one who is assigned by a judge to manage the financial affairs and/or the daily life of individuals with physical or mental limitations or even old age.  Conservatorship is much like a guardianship or custody and can be for minor children with disabilities, the elderly, or adults with mental challenges who have been deemed by the court to be unable to make decisions for themselves. It may be limited to only a conservatee’s financial affairs or estate but can also be arranged for the individual—their daily activities, health care, or living arrangements.

What can Cumberland Private Conservator LLC do for you?


Autumn_Trees_Cookeville_TNWe can help manage your health care and financial needs when you and your family are no longer in a position to do so. Our services include court appointed conservatorship or guardianship. Our services include paying bills, securing assets, managing health care, and working with the local health care community to find what is best for YOU and your situation. We work as a consultant and can assist with filing for service, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security benefits and other governmental programs.

Our staff has over 30 years of social work experience in long term care. During those years, we have developed a high level of expertise with Medicare, Medicaid, and other government assistance programs.  In addition to social work, our team also has 28 years in law enforcement focusing on protecting the elderly, crimes against the elderly, and elder abuse, as well as seeing this enforcement through to the courtroom. Because of this combined experience, we decided to take the next step and help those who can no longer help themselves by forming a company to provide conservator services.



  • Court appointed conservatorship / guardianship
  • Financial planning and management
  • Pay your bills
  • Secure your assets
  • Access your Health Care needs
  • Work with the local Health Care community to find what is best for YOU
  • Consultant
  • Assist with filing for services, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Benefits and other Government programs

Staff Experience Consists of:

  • Over thirty years of Social Work experience in Long Term Care
  • Highly Experieced in dealing with Medicare , Medcaid and other Government programs
  • Twenty eight years of Law Enforcement including, protection of the Elderly, Crimes against the Elderly , Elder Abuse and Courtroom Experience.